Saturday, June 11, 2011

What, So What, Now What?

My new way of studying the scriptures!:


So What?

Now What?

WAY too often I read in the scriptures but get very little out of it. I've done different things at different times to enhance my study and this is my most recent method. At the end of reading a chapter (or any given amount) I record the answers to these three questions in my study journal. I recap WHAT I've just read with a short summary. "SO WHAT?" covers why its so important. What's the big deal? Why is that even in the scriptures? What relevance does it have in my life? etc. NOW WHAT? What good will the scriptures do me if they don't find application in my life? The introduction to the Book of Mormon promises that "a man will get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts than by any other book." We don't come nearer to God simply by reading it! We need to apply it! Abide by its precepts! Now, each time I read, I identify one thing I'm going to do or change as a result of my study.

Its worked so far and has my recommendation to anyone else willing to try it!

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  1. your picture above caught my eye. so far i think you blog spot is cool. "now what " is a perfect saying for right now for me. So, ah anyway have a cool day.